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2.007 contest, 2008 (DaMIT)


  • Drive out of the Starting Box
  • Fell the Noodle Forest
  • Build a dam in the River
  • Collect the Food Balls
  • Find the Beaver Babies (under cones)
  • Cross the River
  • Put the Beaver Babies in the Lodge

The 2.007 contest table for Spring 2008 allowed for multiple ways to score. Points could be collected by moving food balls into the starting box, rescuing beavers from underneath the cones and moving them to the beaver lodge, extracting foam noodles from the noodle forest, and moving the noodles into the river.

Common design strategies:

  • ball carrier to carry 5 initial balls
  • large shovel, ramp to collect falling food balls
  • spring-loaded arms using PVC tubes
  • mechanical claws
  • hooks to open doors
  • long extending arms
  • rakes/bars to pull out noodles

Uncommon (read: cool) design strategies:

  • raising the ramp to funnel food balls into the box
  • opening the ball door, scoring from inside the box
  • detachable robots
  • lassos
  • ridiculously long extending arms
  • spring-loaded battering rams to open food ball door
  • extending walls to block opponent
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