While there are no immediate plans to continue development of the Fortrus, we would be more than happy to answer any questions or address any comments that you may have.

Contact us at: 2009pink [at] mit [dot] edu

Team members: Arron Acosta, Robert Boyd, Stephanie Brown, Adrian Dobson, Tanya Goldhaber, Vu Hong, Andrew Jones, Victor Li, Leo Luo, Michelle Ma, Raymond Ma, Kevin Rustagi, Blake Sessions, Marguerite Siboni, Liz Theurer

Main Team Mentors: David Meeker, Ben Powers

Special Thanks

Team Mentors: Andy Seigel, Ron Hoffeld, Peter Neilson, Dick Fenner, Joe Cronin, Mary Caulfield

Mountain Rangers: Eric Pederson (Appalachian Mountain Club), Todd Ramely (Head Ranger, Appalachian Mt. Rescue), Joe Frechette (Ravalli Country Search and Rescue), Mark Butler (Ravalli Country Search and Rescue), Gary Moses (Glacier National Park), Shane Roundy (Utah County Sheriff Searach and Rescue), Peter Frejkowski (Lower Kiski Emergency Services)

Litter Manufacturers: Junkin Safety, Traverse Rescue (Sean Prosser), CMC Rescue (John Mckintley)