robots, bacon, and snark

these are a few of my favorite things

06 December 2023

The Ham-fisted Allegory of the Blocked Kitchen Pipes

Dirty, gritty sludge,
Building little by little,
Progress is ruined

03 April 2023

Thoughts on the State of Food Robotics/Automation

Inflation is real,
Just can't say no to yum-yums,
Savings have flavor

30 January 2023

Beetleweight Motor Modifications Notes

There's a need for speed,
The OG stock is lacking,
Brushes need to go

09 January 2023

A Tale of Four TVs (and thoughts on re-use)

Used to have a dream,
Moving pictures in each home,
Cost both low and high

14 December 2022

Teardown: Dumpling Making Machine

Hunger got you down?,
Here's many mini morsels,
Flavor costs extra