robots, bacon, and snark

these are a few of my favorite things

20 October 2016

Functional Print: Headphone/Speaker Toggle Stand

Extruded plastic,
Relegated to a mess,
Without good design

28 August 2016


Paths come long and short,
Latter frets at each delay
Former not so much

04 May 2016

The Real Challenge w/ Robotics is Interface, not AI

No progress is made,
When brilliance remains quiet,
Strong thoughts move nothing.

22 March 2016

Magnetic Kinematic Coupling as a Z-Probe

Keep your broken tools.
They are just biding their time...
Searching for Purpose

12 January 2016

Towards a New Delta Printer - Part 4 - Extruder/Effector Assembly

Coming together!
Stuff from every which way.
Will it hold, will it?!